Event Programme

We are pleased to announce that the next United Kingdom & Éire OpenFOAM® user meeting will be hosted by the School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering at University College Dublin.

The event structure will be similar to previous user meetings:

  1. first day: there will be two sets of training sessions: one aimed at beginners, and the second for intermediate/advanced users.

  1. second day: there will be a mini-conference followed by a group discussion session. There will be a designated poster display area during the coffee and lunch breaks.

The provisional programme is given below; room 326 (lecture theatre) on the top floor of the Engineering building will be used for all trainings and presentations. The training and presentations slides will be uploaded during/soon-after the event. You are welcome and encouraged to bring along your laptops to the training day; instructions on getting OpenFOAM setup on your laptop are given on the OpenFOAM website (see option 2 at http://openfoam.org/download/windows/) and help will available on both days if you need assistance.

Click on the hyperlinks below to download the slides and videos.

Registration for the event

All are welcome, even if you have no experience with OpenFOAM. If interested, please fill in a registration form so that we may keep a track of the expected numbers. There is no registration fee.


University College Dublin (www.ucd.ie) is located four kilometres to the south of the Dublin city centre at the 133-hectare Belfield campus.

The Belfield campus is shown below, where the user meeting will be held on the top floor of the main Engineering (building 22 on the map):

Travel & Accommodation

Dublin international airport, located 10 km to the north of the Dublin city centre, is served by a large number of carriers; in particular, Ryanair, Aer Lingus and British Airways operate a large number of flights between Dublin airport and the UK every day.

The aircoach bus service (€9 one-way or €14 return) is one of the most convenient (and cheapest) ways to get from Dublin airport to the city centre or University College Dublin, with buses operating every 15 mins.

A taxi from Dublin airport to the city centre will cost €20-30, and a taxi from Dublin airport to University College Dublin will cost €35-65 (it is typically faster but more expensive to take either the port tunnel through the city, or the Dublin M50 motorway ring-road).

There are a large number of hotels in Dublin that are convenient for travel to University College Dublin. Here are a few of them, but there are many more (for example, try trivago):

  1. Radisson Blu St. Helen’s Hotel

  2. Talbot Hotel Stillorgan

  3. Tara Towers Hotel

  4. Hampton Hotel

Questions or Comments?

Please feel free to get in touch with me, by email: philip.cardiff@ucd.ie, or phone: +353 1 716 1888.

Organising Committee

Philip Cardiff

Hrvoje Jasak

Gavin Tabor

Shenan Grossberg

Local Organising Committee

Philip Cardiff

Karen Fitzgerald

Laxmi Murali

Gareth Boyle

Lucas Binsfeld

Michael Clancy

Krunoslav Seset

Clémence Rouge

Dong Quan


Day 1 - Training Day

Time             Training Title & Trainer

09:00            Welcome & Registration

09:30            Introduction to OpenFOAM – Philip Cardiff, University College Dublin.

                     Video tutorials: Linux terminal (4 parts): 1, 2, 3, 4; Cavity case (6 parts): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

11:00            Coffee break

11:30            Introduction to Meshing in OpenFOAM – Philip Cardiff, University College Dublin.

                     Video tutorials: blockMesh 1 (5 parts): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; blockMesh 2 (6 parts): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

                     blockMeshDict for the T-Junction case

13:00            Lunch break

14:00            Introduction to Simulating Real 3-D Flows - the ActionCar Case – Gavin Tabor, University of Exeter.

                     ActionCar rotating OpenFOAM case

15:30            Coffee break

16:00            Finite Volume Discretisation & Polyhedral Cell Support – Hrvoje Jasak, Wikki Ltd./University of


17:30            End of Day

Day 2 - Research Presentations

Time             Presentation Title & Presenter

09:00            Welcome & Registration

09:30            OpenFOAM Simulations of Irregular Waves & Free Surface Effects Around a Monopile Offshore Wind

                     Turbine – Ariel Edesess, University College Cork.

09:50            A New Hybrid Multiphase Model – Alasdair Mackenzie, University of Strathclyde.

10:10            3-D Elastic Cantilever Beam Using OpenFOAM Applied to FSI Simulations – Maimouna Al Manthari,

                     Swansea University.

10:30            CFD and the Challenges of Additive Manufacture – Gavin Tabor, University of Exeter.

11:00            Coffee break

11:30            Custodianship of OpenFOAM at ESI, Future Developments and Community Integration – Fred

                     Mendonça, ESI-OpenCFD.

12:00            Public Release: Native Overset Mesh in FOAM-Extend – Hrvoje Jasak, Wikki/University of Zagreb.

12:30            Fluid Structure Interaction Problems in Micro Channel – Sai Pavan Rajesh Sharma Valluru, Dublin

                     City University.

12:50            Lunch break

14:00            A New Dualised Mesh Generator for Reliable Surface Layer Creation  – Andrew Jackson, Engys.

14:20            CFD Modelling of the Hydrodynamic Effect of Debris Blockage on Masonry Bridges – Recep

                     Kahraman, University of Exeter.

14:40            Validation and Verification of the Coupled Solver in FOAM-Extend: Marine Propulsors and Ship

                     Maneouvring – Hrvoje Jasak, Wikki/University of Zagreb.

                     Michael Clancy, University College Dublin.

15:00            Modelling the Hip and Ankle Joints in OpenFOAM – Karen Fitzgerald, University College Dublin.

15:20            Prediction of 2D Fluid Structure Interaction on Vertical Axis Tidal Turbine Foil – Nu Rhahida Arini,

                     University of Southampton.

15:40            Group Discussion & End of Day

Registration form

5th United Kingdom & Éire OpenFOAM® User Meeting

16-17 January 2017

University College Dublin

Registration is now closed for the event