Manufacturing Facilities

  1. -Clean room for preparation of adhesive joints and composite layups

  2. -Cold storage for adhesives, resins and composite prepregs

  3. -Press-clave and vacuum bagging materials for production of composite laminates (prepreg or resin infusion) up to a size of 500mm x 350mm

  4. -Various jigs for producing double cantilever (DCB), tapered DCB and lap-shear joints

Computing Facilities

  1. -Pascal supercomputer consisting of 180 Intel Quad-Core Xeon Processors

Microscopy Equipment

  1. -Hitachi TM-1000 Table Top SEM

  2. -FEI Quanta FEG-SEM

  3. -Atomic Force Microscope

Mechanical Testing Equipment

  1. -Zwick/Roell tension/torsion test machine with Video Extensometer

  2. -Hounsfield 50K screw driven tensile test machine

  3. -Zwick/Roell drop weight tower

  4. -Split-Hopkinson pressure bar

  5. -Phantom 6 high speed camera

  6. -Vishay Signal Conditioning Amplifier - 2310B System

Surface Engineering

Through collaboration with the Surface Engineering Group, the Centre of Adhesion and Adhesives has access to state of the art surface and material characterisation facilities including XPS, DSC, XRD, Contact Angle Measurement and FTIR. A full description of the equipment can be found here.

UCD Centre of Adhesion and Adhesives

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