Research Programmes & Projects


Current Research Projects

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Postdoctoral Research Projects

  1. -IComp Research Topic 3 - ‘CCM Bond’ (EI)

  2. -IComp Research Topic 4 - ‘Surface Engineering’ (EI) - Surface Engineering Group

  3. -Micro-mechanical Modelling of Super-Hard Materials (E6/IRCSET)

PhD Projects

  1. -Development of Next Generation PCD Cutting Tools (E6/IRCSET)

  2. -Development of Next Generation PCBN Cutting Tools (E6/IRCSET)

  3. -Cyanacrylate Adhesive Joints (Henkel/IRCSET)

  4. -Peel Testing of Adhesive Joints (Henkel/IRCSET)

  5. -Nano-Toughened Epoxy Adhesives - From Structure-Property to Further Improvement (CSC)

  6. -A Fluid-Structure Interaction Approach to the Investigation of Detachment from Bacterial Biofilms (SFI)

  7. -Fracture Toughness Characterisation of Structural Adhesives (Henkel/IRCSET)

  8. -Continuum Damage Models for Toughened Epoxy Adhesives (Henkel/IRCSET)

Past Research Projects

  1. -Development of Next Generation Poly Crystalline Diamond (2007-2011)

  2. -Development of Next Generation Poly Cubic Boron Nitride (2007-2011)

  3. -Science and Engineering of Advanced Composites (Henkel/Bombardier/EI/IDA) (2009/2011)

  4. -Characterisation of Traction-Separation Laws in Structural Adhesives (Henkel/IRCSET)

  5. -An Investigation of Composite-to-Composite Project (Cytec/IRCSET)

  6. -Measure, Modelling and Predicting the Performance of Engineering Adhesives and Bonded Structures (EPSRC)

  7. -Impact Behaviour of Adhesives (Ford/Alcan)

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